The Online Warehouse together with Fotofabrik studio are proud to announce our new film developing services.
We put up a full processing service to provide the best quality film processing as well as film scanning. This collaboration aims to deliver quality film processing through proper and competent handling.

The services we offer are:

1. BW film processing for film sizes from 16mm (110), roll film sizes 127/120/220, 35mm, and 4X5 sheet film.
2. Color negative processing (C-41) for film sizes from 16mm (110), roll film sizes 127/120/220, 35mm, and 4X5 sheet film.
3. Experimental color reversal process for “chrome” films- not cross processing, but a direct color positive process which will yield color transparencies.
4. Cross processing
5. Index print from scan thumbnails using inkjet printer.
6. Optical contact print on colour (RA4) paper.
7. Film scanning.

Job Order Form

The BW and color negative films will be processed by weekly batches. The Experimental color reversal will have monthly runs. With this joint venture, we hope everyone in the film community will regain their interest to shoot again and appreciate the beauty of analog shooting.

We hope you understand that the operation of our service will be in limited days only, but the releasing of the negatives will have fixed schedule.

We do not accept processing of Redscale film from Lomography or other brands. This usually cause problems on the machine rollers.

Feel free to send your comments and suggestions to us at

Thank you very much.


Color Processing for 110, 135 and 120 Format – Php 90 / roll
Color Processing for 220 Format – Php 150 / roll
Black and White Negative Processing – Php 150 / roll
Black and White Negative Push Processing – additional Php 150 / roll (per 1 stop)
Color Reversal Processing – Php 250 / roll
Cross Processing – Php 150 / roll
Cinestill Film Processing – Php 150 / roll
Index Printing – Php 50 / print (A4 Size)
Optical Contact Printing – Php 200 / print
Scanning to CD for 135 and 120 Format – Php 150 / roll (1,200 to 2,400 dpi for 135) (800 dpi for 120)

Processing / Operation Day: Every Wednesday 1 P.M. till 9 P.M. (For Colored Processing only).
Processed Film Releasing: 3 to 5 Days turnaround time. For same day release, please visit the Fotofabrik Studio during Wednesday operation.
Scanning Result Releasing: 3 to 5 Days from date received depending on volume of client.


1. Fotofabrik Studio – #25 Scout Tuason cor. Scout Lozano Quezon City

Telephone No. 373-7057
2. Escolta Dental Center – Unit 458-A Regina Building Escolta St. Binondo, Manila

Telephone No. 310-0225
3. R&L PONTI DENTAL – 2nd FLR SM CIty Masinag, Antipolo City

Telephone No. 655-9968


You may ship your negative films directly to Fotofrabrik Studio together with the printed Job Order Form.
To save for shipping cost, we can safe keep your negatives for a period of 90 days and then send all together in one bulk package.
Otherwise, we will send the negatives the soonest possible.


Dust and speckle may sometimes appear on the processed films, this is caused by several factor such as: chemical crystallization, dust from the canister itself and from the camera.
Scratches may also appear due to: improper handling / rolling (if sent to us processed already), from the canister, or from the camera itself.
Please indicate if you sent an outdated film or fresh film. This is to ensure proper checking and control of chemicals.